About Us

Susan Sugar, CEO and “Cool” Explorer

Welcome to LifesCoolStuff.com! 

What do you feel like when you discover something that will make your life easier, or more enjoyable or would be the perfect gift for someone you care about?  Do you feel the “smile”?  I love that feeling…the moment of knowing that this little item…or piece of information…or this connection…is just right…just what I’ve been looking for.

Well, I have a radar for “cool” stuff…that is the stuff that makes me “smile”…not only because I like it but because I know that you will like it as well.  I am a natural explorer…and a natural shopper…and, most importantly, a natural matchmaker (you can ask some of my friends).  I love connecting people with others and I love finding things that I know someone else will love.

I want to do this for you!  Cool products…cool info…cool ideas…cool adventures…to match your needs.  Come meet me here and see what I’ve found for you!

Have fun exploring this website.  Be sure to come back often as new “stuff” will be added regularly.

Purpose and Mission – It’s All About You

I am dedicated to finding and sharing with you some of the coolest, most unique and most fun stuff in the world!  I’m searching websites, farmers markets and local businesses for products and information that will add something special to the lives of my customers.

The mission for LifesCoolStuff is to create a site that will be a showcase of unique expression through products, services and information for the enlightenment and enhancement of people’s lives.  I seek to support individuals, local businesses as well as startups in showcasing their products and, in turn, offering something really cool to my members.