You Love Chocolate But…!!

OK…I’m speaking from the heart here.  I love chocolate…all kinds of chocolate…dark, semi-sweet, milk chocolate…candy, truffles, cake, pudding, frosting.  Yeah, I’ve eaten them all and I’ll even confess to eating frosting out of a can.

When I was a kid, it was known that for my birthday I wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Not white cake with chocolate frosting…it had be chocolate and chocolate…and no fruits!  There are numerous pictures floating around the family of me enjoying my chocolate cake at home or in a restaurant…even at my first birthday.

Fast forward a few years…and add in all the information that we now have about health and nutrition.  Yuck…now I know that all that delicious chocolate contains sugar; cake, cookies and other pastries contain processed white flour (or any of the other dreaded starchy carbs); milk is not good for us, that is, the dairy component in milk chocolate contributes to inflammation; yada yada yada.

How the heck am I supposed to enjoy chocolate with all these threats and warnings?!?  To top it off, I’ve had my challenges with “sugar addiction”…the condition where I eat a little sugar item and it leads down the slippery slope to eating more and more and more, until I am barely able to stop or manage it.

On the other side of this issue is that chocolate, that is, cacao…is very good for us.  It’s a super antioxidant and, in the digestion process, produces anti-inflammatory compounds linked to cardiovascular benefits.  Additionally, cacao is good for improving vascular function to increasing insulin sensitivity—which may be linked—and good for even the young and the healthy. AND Daily consumption of dark chocolate or cacao lowers people’s blood pressure an average of two to three points.  (Scientific American)  Sorry for all the technical stuff…I find it helpful to know how and why chocolate is actually good for you!

It’s been heartbreaking…it’s been hard to eat anything chocolate without guilt, fear and…yes, a little anger…which turns in rebellion.  “No one is going to tell me what I can or can’t eat.”  OR (Denial) “I’ll handle it better this time and keep it under control.”  Of course, none of this has worked…none of this allowed me to enjoy chocolate without all the consequences.

Then I found Wei of Chocolate.  I first met them at the local farmer’s market here in Phoenix.  I enjoyed their samples…so many interesting flavors…and the reps were so passionate about the product.

Then they disappeared from the markets.  I could understand it…it was challenging to keep chocolate good in the sun and heat of Phoenix.  So, I went on the search online and, sure enough, found them.  Yea!

What gets me so excited about Wei of Chocolate is that I can eat them “safely.”  One…each portion is individually wrapped which helps me eat only one.  Two…each piece has only 2 grams of sugar…and the sweetener they use is organic coconut blossom sugar.  This type of sugar has a much lower glycemic (sugary) impact on our bodies.  Additionally, it’s much less processed so it actually has at least a little nutritional value.  My fear of triggering my “sugar addiction” is nil.

I’ve tried all of their flavors.  I listed them here but there is much more information in another post and at their site.  I like some better than others but I like them all…that’s the fun of the exploration.  Each has its own character.  And I love that they are infused with more goodness, including flower essences.


  • Rose cardamom 74% Wei Love
  • Himalayan pink salt 72%Wei Inspired
  • Citrusy 70% Wei Joyful
  • Chai spice 68% Wei Gratitude
  • Peppermint 68% Wei Beautiful
  • Creamy pure dark 68% Wei Relaxed
  • Lavender grey 70% Wei Peace
  • Super dark 80% Wei Radiant
  • Rich pure dark 70% Wei Pure

You may be new to flower essences…Flower essences are herbal infusions that are made from the flowering part of the plan, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.  You may have heard of Bach Flower Remedies…British physician, Dr. Edward Bach identified and formulated the first flower essences back in the 1930’s.

In a nutshell…”Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact with these subtle bodies of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us.” (  May sound kind of woo woo but there is a growing body of evidence that supports the idea that we are energetic beings and, therefore, we interact with other energetic beings…even those of flowers, plants, animals and other living things.

So, the infusion of flower essences into the wonderful flavors offered by Wei of Chocolate makes for a powerhouse of a chocolate.  I love the stuff…I love that I can eat it without worry…and I love that I can trust that each piece is actually helping me instead of hurting me.

I hope you’ll give it a try…you can click right here.


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