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I LOVE These Gripstics™…No More Worry about Spoiled Food, Spilling Bags or Wasted Room

Almost everything we buy for consumption comes in some sort of a bag…snacks, frozen foods, pet food…even foods that come in boxes have bags inside of them (I love my Triscuits!)  I don’t know about you, but I always had the darndest time trying to get those bags to close after opening to…keep the food fresh, not get freezer-burned, to keep out critters (e.g., ants in the pet food) and to not spill and make a mess or waste the precious food.

I know I’ve tried rolling the top of the bag, using a rubber band to keep it closed, using a paper clip or one of those plastic clips, putting the bag into another bag or putting the food into another bag or container…have I forgotten anything?

Well, one day I was at a local home show and I found  Gripstics…that was years ago.  Now, I can’t live without my Gripstics… I even brought them with me to Mexico, allowing them valuable real estate in my limited suitcases.  I keep buying more because they are so handy and I never seem to have enough.

I’ve been using Gripstics for years. I use them on the bags in a cereal or cracker box; I use them to close the bags of fruit and vegetables so I can use only what I need…and I don’t have to transfer the food to another closable plastic bag or a plastic container; I use them to close bags that already have a little slide closure on them because Gripstics are easier to use and they create a more air tight seal; I will use them with pet food for my next pet.  When I had cats, it was horrible when ants would find the food and invade the bag.  If I’d had Gripstics…I could have saved significant money and time.

These simple, but highly innovative, plastic tubes are the solution to keeping these items fresher for longer, without those cheap and ineffective standard chip clips or the infamous rubber band! They’re reusable, sturdy and can be used for so many things.  They come in a whole bunch of sizes.  Additionally, they are good for the environment, reducing your need and use of plastic bags and containers.

Gripstic is a unique solution to conveniently and effectively keep bagged foods fresh and tidy.  Read on to find out more about Gripstics.

Ranked number one among consumers, THE GRIPSTIC bag sealers are a must have kitchen gadget!  

What is Gripstic™?

Gripstic is a revolutionary take on the traditional bag clip. This highly innovative product locks out the moisture and excess air keeping your food items fresher longer. It is a compact and easy to use product that is easy for you to store, so you can have space for it in your kitchen and on the go. You can use this product in the pantry, fridge, or freezer. Gripstic is a versatile product that has different options based on your specific needs, such as Gripstic Handle, the original Gripstic (which comes in various sizes), and Extend Fresh Gripstic. Best of all, these items are durable and reusable.

How do you use this product? You will find that this product is incredibly easy to use.

The first thing that you need to do is to fold down the top of the bag and create a crease. You will then take the yellow guide on the Gripstic and place it underneath this fold. Once the guide is in place, you can slide the Gripstic across the top of the surface but you do need to make sure that the top part of this bag stays between the part under the fold and on the crease. Finally, you need to ensure that the Gripstic is centered on the top of the bag in order to make sure that there is an air tight seal on the bag. This will maximize the freshness and keep it as fresh as possible for longer.

Watch the video below.  Dan Sackett, the founder and developer of Gripstics, demonstrates how easy they are to use and how well they keep food fresh.


The 12 piece package is the best one to start with.  It’ll let you see which sizes are best for you.  You can reorder later…I know I did because I use them for almost everything!

Gripstics are available at Amazon.  Click below or on the picture below to be taken right to the Amazon page.


These are versatile products that you can use for more than just chip bags. You can use it on those bags of salad to keep the lettuce crispier for longer. You can use it on those bags for bread or  rolls that you get at the bakery or grocery store. You can close up bags of frozen vegetables or flour. These are bag clips that you can use on practically any bag that you have in use at your home. Gripstic seals the entire top of whatever bag you use it on, which is exactly why this is an amazing product. There is the additional benefit that it can be a bit more complicated to take off, which is perfect if you have children and you do not want them to get into these bags.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option that can keep your food longer, Gripstics promises that it can extend the life of your food. But does it work?

Is Gripstic™ as Effective as Advertised?

The directions for use is easy and you’ll get the hang of it in one or two uses.  In fact, closing a bag with the Gripstic is actually faster than those bags where you have to click the one side into the track on the other side.  Those are annoying!  And using a Gripstic may be as easy as a bag with slider BUT those are expensive.  It’s so much more economical to use the bag the food came in as opposed to using a whole other bag.  And Gripstics beat the containers, too.  Using the original bag reduces clean up time and takes up less space in the fridge or freezer.

I’ve put together a little demonstration of their ability to hold water.  Each of these bags hold water, both the zip-type and the slider-type, on their own so I wanted to show that the Gripstics can also hold water in the bags.


As they can hold water…the same technology provides an airtight seal.

And they are good for the environment…you don’t use up more plastic…bags or containers!

Just follow the instructions for use and be careful to put the Gripstic on the bags properly, this product works amazingly. Moreover, they can be stored very easily.  They take up a lot less room than all those plastic containers!  You can just simply pop them into your drawer or freezer and call it a day. They take up less room than the standard clips as well.

Multiple Uses and Versatility

One of the best uses for this product can be for your frozen storage needs. How much money do you throw into the trash because your food gets freezer burned and you cannot use the items anymore? Using this product, you are going to be able to keep these items in the freezer longer without worrying about perfectly good items going bad.  It also keeps the freezer cleaner.  For instance, I use a Gripstic for bag of frozen cherries or strawberries.  These can get messy in the freezer but the Gripstic keeps it all contained in its own bag.

Gripstics can also be used with plastic storage bags.  This can be great for those people who prepare food items ahead of time, doing portion controlled dieting, or even carrying a full salad to work. Dan Sackett demonstrates how to use one gallon storage bag to carry the salad greens, additional fixing, and the dressing in one bag, using two Gripstics.  When it’s time to eat, you empty all compartments into the larger bag, mix and eat!

Gripstics can also keep your leftovers longer, which will save you a ton of money in your budget. If you are storing items with liquid in the bag, you also will not have to worry about the liquid spilling out while it is being stored. Lastly, you can get the benefit of your chips and cookies not going stale as quickly, if the food items last long enough for this to even matter.

If you are still skeptical about how well this product works, you can get the peace of mind that is offered as a result of the 1 year warranty that this company offers on its products. You have nothing to lose by trying out Gripstics for your food storage needs. So if you are not completely happy with your purchase, contact the seller for your refund.

Give them a try

If someone could love a plastic item, this would be the one I’d love.  Such a simple but valuable addition to my kitchen.  Once you try Gripstics, you won’t want to go back to the standard chip clips that you see hanging in the grocery store aisles. This is a revolutionary item that is a must for kitchens everywhere.

Click here or on the picture below to BUY this now.

Gripstic 12 PK Assortment


Note:  If you explore this product on Amazon, you will most likely find other similar, less expensive bag closure sticks.  I’ve bought them.  They are not as good or effective.  What I found is that the tube is significantly smaller making it more difficult to fit onto the bag you’re closing and making them more likely to break in the attempt.  If you want to save money, go ahead but know that these are not official Gripstiks.



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