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I Love Them – Wei of Chocolate Has the Most Unique, Delicious and Healthy Flavors

One of the main reasons that I fell in love with Wei of Chocolate is that they have infused their already healthy chocolate with delectable flavors and unique blends of flower essences that enhance and expand the enjoyment of each bite.

Each piece is organic, fair trade, GMO free, dairy free, vegan, gluten free, soy free, 68-80% cacao dark, and sweetened with organic Coconut Blossom sugar instead of cane sugar. That means it’s wonderfully delicious as well as low glycemic, which is better for people concerned about blood sugar.

Plus it’s Paleo-friendly!  ONLY 30 calories AND only 2 grams of carbs.


 Wei Pure is plain and pure 70% cacao rich dark chocolate
with flower essences for more peace and freedom.  Its  Lotus Wei flower essences including Jade Succulent, Yarrow & Smoky Quartz to bring you more joy, strength and inspiration.

It’s perfect to melt in your mouth whenever you need a two-minute break to remember to breathe deeply and expand your energy.

Wei Gratitude is chai-spiced infused with flower remedies that help you stop + take a break. Lotus Wei flower essences including dyssodia to relieve stress and enhance peacefulness.

This is one of my favorites…I love the flavor and the idea that I’m giving myself a moment of peaceful rest during the day.


Wei Joyful is citrus-infused, 70% cacao dark chocolate with flower remedies to help you laugh + play more.  It flower essence is a blend of Lotus WeiTM flower remedies including Night Blooming Cereus for more insight, joy & laughter.

This flower essence also revered for helping us attain more insight, clarity and wisdom, and take a great leap forward toward our full potential.


Wei Inspired is Himalayan pink salt-infused with 72% cacao dark chocolate and flower essences for creativity and inspiration.   The compelling flavor is created by blending salty & sweet – stone-ground ancient sea salt with rich dark chocolate.

LotusWei flower essences include Pink Primrose, Date and Fire Star Orchid to awaken possibilities and bring forth clarity & freedom.


Wei Peace is lavender infused with a silky deliciousness of the lavender grey dark chocolate blended with the perfect amount of bergamot & lavender to balance body and mind with renewed ease.


Wei Relaxed is creamy pure dark chocolate, 68% cacao dark chocolate with flower remedies for better sleep and focus. Designed at the request of a sleep doctor to promote relaxation and better sleep,  creamy deliciousness of pure dark chocolate is blended with the perfect amount of cocoa butter and cocoa beans.

Its Lotus Wei flower essences include Bird of Paradise, Dandelion and Passion flower to calm the mind and promote better sleep.



Wei Beautiful is peppermint-infused, 68% cacao dark chocolate with flower essences for inner and outer beauty.  Its Lotus Wei flower essences are selected for youthful innocence and vitality.



 Wei Love is 74% cacao dark chocolate infused with the lovely flavor of rose with a hint of cardamom.  If you haven’t ever tasted something flavored with rose essence you’re in for a treat…it is sublime.  Its  Lotus Wei flower remedies work via your acupuncture meridians to enhance love while dissolving our self-critical mind and old heartbreak.


Wei Radiant is Super Dark 80% cacao chocolate designed to to bring more balance into your day.  Rich and deep without being bitter, this extraordinary dark chocolate contains the perfect amount of cocoa butter to cocoa mass ratio.

Its Lotus Wei flower essences include jasmine, pomegranate flower, navel orange flower, freshwater pearl and lotus to relieve stress and help you feel more balanced & creative.


 Try one, try them all….ENJOY!




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