Quinoa: What the Heck is It?

3 years ago

At this point you have probably heard the word quinoa at some point in your life. Whether you are an avid eater or someone who has yet to try the delicious grain, we have an explanation.


Quinoa (pronounced kinwa) is a super food that is classified as a grain. It is naturally gluten free and contains a plethora of nutrients. B-vitamins, iron, calcium, and potassium are all found in quinoa, among many other nutrients. It is a small seed like food that is high in fiber and amino acids. It has been consumed for thousands of years by South American and Mexican natives. Quinoa comes in many varieties. The three main types of quinoa are red, white, and black quinoa. There isn’t a lot of difference between the three varieties, but white quinoa does tend to cook to a fluffier consistency while the other two come out slightly crunchier. Each type of quinoa has a unique flavor, but in general it is not very flavorful on its own.


When preparing quinoa, it is best to rinse the seeds first, this can wash any unwanted shells from the seeds away. If you purchase prepackaged quinoa however it may have already been washed for you. Check the package, and always better safe than sorry if you feel the seeds still need washing. The most popular way to cook quinoa is to boil it. The seeds absorb water and fluff up into softer morsels much like rice does. Once boiled quinoa can be added to just about anything. Many people use it like rice, but get creative and add in any vegetables, meat, or seasonings you would like.


You can buy quinoa at just about any grocery story now. Since it has recently become a fad food most places carry it on their shelves. For a wider variety of quinoas to choose from check out your local health food store. Search for recipes online and create your own superfood salad or even quinoa stuffed peppers.


If you are looking to lose weight quinoa is perfect for you. It is easy to add into your daily meals and doesn’t require the giving up feeling you may incur with some other health foods. Quinoa can be a satisfying and healthy part of any meal of the day. The high protein helps to keep you full longer while not making you feel bogged down, like you do after eating meat with the same amount of protein. Quinoa is also a top choice for vegetarians and vegans who chose not to consume meat, but still need protein in their diet.


Now that you are a quinoa expert it’s time to try it out! Head to the store and mix up some quinoa chili or quinoa and salmon croquettes for dinner tonight. The possibilities are endless with quinoa and once you find your favorite recipes you can enjoy them easily all the time with this simple to make superfood.

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