7 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

3 years ago

Trying to get your children to eat vegetables can seem impossible at times. You try to bribe them with desserts and tell them they won’t grow if they don’t eat that broccoli. At the end of the day though they still don’t love their healthy veggies, and won’t stop begging for pizza and French fries. Here are a few sneaky tricks to get even the pickiest eaters on board with veggie consumption.


Veggie tots

 Your kids more than likely love tater tots and French fries, right? These lookalikes are a perfect way to sneak in vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and zucchini. You can mix in veggies with potatoes and bake them for a healthy side dish or snack. If your kids just aren’t buying it at least opt for a healthier sweet potato variety to fill their tater tot craving.


Food art

 When trying to get kids to eat healthy the phrase, “you eat with your eyes first” is very true. Create “ants on a log” with celery, peanut butter, and raisins. For a hands-on experience get the kids involved in snack prep and let them eat their art projects after. Making vegetables fun looking is a sure way to win over your fussy eater!


Pasta sauce

Making your own from scratch tomato sauce for pasta can actually be pretty healthy. Sneak in some extras like mushrooms or pieces of bell pepper. Your kids will barely notice the added textures in the sauce and are sure to absorb all the extra nutrients from your veggie trick. When making your own sauce avoid adding too much sugar, which can counteract the healthiness.


Spaghetti squash pasta

If you want to further add to your healthy homemade pasta sauce make your own spaghetti also. Well, not exactly noodles but this healthy alternative will be sure to please your kid’s pallets while also adding an extra serving of veggies. Bake your squash in the oven, cut in half, and then scoop out the insides using a fork to score the squash into spaghetti like noodles. Add your pasta sauce and your kids will never know the difference.



Set a night to make some do it yourself personal pizzas. Kids will once again love being involved in the process of making their meal and have the option to put whatever they want on it. Chose a whole-wheat crust for starters and then dice up toppings like bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and broccoli for your little ones to select from. Pop them in the oven and watch your kids enjoy some vegetables for once.


Cauliflower mac and chees

Cauliflower is super easy to add to lots of foods, but what kid can turn down mac and cheese? Follow a typical baked mac and cheese recipe but add in some cauliflower that has been sent through the food processor for a barely noticeable veggie addition.


Green eggs and ham

This novelty meal is sure to appeal to your kids. Add a drop or two of green food dye into their eggs and sneak in some finely chopped broccoli. They will be too excited about green eggs to notice the added healthy veggies.

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