Walking: The Best and Easiest Exercise

Walking is the easiest, simplest, and most refreshing exercise. It can be done anywhere at any time. The benefits of walking are plentiful; blood pressure will get lower, the heart will be function more efficiently, and the bones will strengthen up.

Walking can also cut down on stress, especially if in need for fresh air around the neighborhood. Millions of people do it every day and it’s not simply walking around the grocery store. It’s walking for miles at a time, from 30 to 60 minutes, if not more.

Exercise should be done every day (or at least 5 days a week) for 60 minutes, as recommended. Studies suggest that walking in the morning before work is healthier than at night because stress could prevent the motivation to walk at night. With walking, it can be done with a friend, spouse, or even the dog. Wear comfortable sneakers and have a proper t-shirt on because there will be some sweat.

For beginners of the daily walk, start with 10-15 minutes, and climb the ladder to 20, 30, 45, and then 60 minutes a day. It is important to get a rhythm and routine going that can be followed constantly without interruption.  But don’t let the recommendations stop you!  Walk as much as you feel comfortable…some walking is better than no walking.

For those who are more fit and need a challenge to walking, consider carrying lightweights or to help build up the upper body muscles. Power walking is basically walking faster than normal, like a semi-jog.

Also, try different walking exercises that challenge the body’s muscles more, such as walking up a hill. It helps builds up the cardiovascular system to get the blood flowing, as well as breathe in more oxygen. For older walkers, it is better than jogging because it puts less stress on the back, knees, and feet.

When walking outside, make sure to walk in safe spots. On a hot day, stay cool by drinking water and wearing sunscreen.

Fitbits are popular because they count steps and measure the heart rate every day. The number of steps recommended per day is 10,000. During the walk, look at what path being chosen to see if it’s reasonable to walk through. Warm up by stretching.

When walking, do it with the right posture. The stride has to have the head up and looking forward, neck and shoulders relaxed, back straight, and the arms freely moving. Overall, be motivated when walking because there is a goal of health that needs to be reached.

This is as easy as an exercise can get to drop some pounds and lower that high cholesterol and, if suffering from type 2-diabetes, keep maintaining a safe healthy lifestyle. This can be done anywhere – the park, the neighborhood, the mall – anyplace to walk around.

It’s all about health and staying in shape. People hate running and catching their breath, but it doesn’t have to be like that to lose weight. Walking is as good as it gets.


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