Family Meetings-Part 1: What are They and Why They’re Important

3 years ago

You may wonder what you can do to make your family a happier and more functioning bunch. The key can be found within a family meeting. You may not be familiar with a family meeting or you may be someone who believes that this is just some sitcom nonsense. Sure, getting a family meeting together can be complicated especially since everyone seems so busy these days but they can be exactly what your family needs.

Here is everything that you need to know about family meetings:

A family meeting is exactly what it sounds like. This is a period of time that happens regularly where all of the family members get together and discuss various issues or just to catch up.

  • Some people choose to do this once a week while others decide to do this once a month. Other times people just decide to have a meeting when something goes wrong. Deciding on how often you are going to do a family meeting is entirely up to you.
  • By having a meeting regularly, you are going to be able to prevent issues from getting worse, which is one of the biggest reasons why they are very important to have.

In addition to being a preventative measure, there are many other benefits for a family meeting.

  • When you have a family meeting, everyone in the family will have a voice to discuss issues that may be of concern to them. Whenever you give a child a voice, you are building up their self-esteem and helping them to become more confident.
  • It can also help the children of the family realize just how cohesive the family unit is. Everyone is interdependent on each other as each member of the family has their own role.
  • In family meetings, you are teaching your children how to compromise as well as how to listen to each other. These are things that are really going to be beneficial for them in the real world.
  • Family meetings are a great way for you to strengthen the bond between the entire family, making a more cohesive  and collaborative family that is much closer than ever.
  • Finally, family meetings offer an opportunity for all of the family members to discuss any problems that need to be resolved. This will not only allow everyone in the family to discuss issues that they have and how to fix them but it also teaches children how to become better problem solvers when dealing with other people.

As you can see, a family meeting could be exactly what your family may need to grow together during a time when it seems like they are growing a part. These are “tech-free” moments where everyone in the family unplugs and communicates with each other.

When done effectively, a family meeting can really help transform the dynamic of a family while also teaching valuable life lessons that the children can take outside of the home. If you are not already doing family meetings, you should really start today.

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