Should Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

3 years ago

You love your four-legged friend, he or she does everything with you and that includes sharing your bed. Is this healthy though? Here are a few things to keep in mind when letting your pet sleep in bed with you.


If you have allergies you probably shouldn’t sleep with your pet. Excess fur and dander in the air can add to your condition and make it uncomfortable for you to sleep. As much as you love your pet if either you or your significant other do have allergies it’s best to try and keep the pets out of your bedroom in general. Give your body a little break each night from all the pet allergens in the air by keeping your room free of animals and their fur.

The dirt (and other yucky stuff)

When deciding to let your pet sleep in bed or not you must account for how dirty they are. Pets can carry everything from fleas and ticks to the bubonic plague. Cats can track feces in with their paws after a litter box trip and dogs can also introduce fecal matter into your bed. Yikes! Keep your pal up to date with shots and flea and tick repellant to avoid many disease. Also make sure to bathe them regularly to keep away dirt and fecal matter. If you are confident in their cleanliness go ahead and allow them to cuddle up with you.


There have been studies that show pet owners sleep better and more soundly when accompanied in bed by their four-legged friend. Cats and dogs can help distract from stress and as an added bonus usually help to keep you warm. Pets can bring a sense of security to owners when allowed to sleep in their beds. So, if your pet helps to calm your anxiety or just relax in general after a long day why not let them sleep in bed with you?


Another thing to consider when letting a pet sleep in bed is if it will affect your training schedule. When bringing puppies or kittens to sleep with you it can often be easier to potty train through the night if you have the animal closer to you. When letting young animals sleep in your bed also keep in mind how big they are going to get though. If you allow your great dane puppy to get used to sharing a sleeping space be prepared to deal with this down the line when he just about outweighs you.

In general, it is ok to allow pets to sleep in bed with you. Make sure to keep your sheets clean and wash them regularly to cut down on germs spreading from your pet. Also keep in mind that your pet may not want to share a bed with you, and that’s fine. Don’t ever try to force your animal to stay in your bed. Follow all of these tips and enjoy cuddling up to your precious pooch or feline friend tonight.

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