Sugar Gliders…Are They Good Pets?

3 years ago

Sugar gliders have become popular pets because they are small and cute. Also known as sugar bears and honey gliders, these exotic marsupials (relatives to the kangaroo) can be a good pet for the right person. Keep reading to find out if a sugar glider would be a good pet for you.

These little animals can be very playful and loyal. You will often see them being carried around in their owner’s pockets, and that is exactly where they want to be. In fact, if you don’t interact with them frequently they will become depressed. Depression can lead to illness and even aggression in these animals, so you should be prepared to devote time to a sugar glider to keep it healthy.

Sugar gliders can bite, especially if they are untrained or scared, but they aren’t known to bite often. They aren’t rodents, so their teeth aren’t made to bite down in the same way that a hamster’s or a rat’s teeth would. This means that their bites really won’t cause injury. Their bites feel more like a pinch. While they don’t make good pets for younger children because of their small size, they also won’t be likely to hurt a child should one come into contact with a glider. This lack of tendency to bite also means they won’t chew up or destroy things should they get loose in your house.

Sugar gliders are also pretty clean animals. They keep themselves groomed and don’t require bathing. If they are fed a proper diet, they also have almost no odor. This makes them more desirable than pets like ferrets, who have a very strong natural odor. It should be noted that they can develop an odor if fed incorrectly, though.

These little guys are also quite intelligent. They are about as intelligent as dogs and can be trained to do tricks. They can also learn their name and even come when called. Their lifespan is also similar to dogs in that they can live up to 15 years if they are properly cared for. If you want a dog, but live somewhere they are not allowed, a sugar glider can be a similar pet in a smaller package.

Sugar gliders are also pretty easy to take care of. Contrary to popular belief, they do not require a complicated and expensive diet. They also don’t have to be fed live insects and worms, as many mistakenly believe. They can be fed an affordable and nutritional pelleted food, along with some fresh fruits and vegetables and a multivitamin. It should only cost about $10 a month to properly feed one sugar glider.

These animals are also fairly quiet. They can make a barking noise and a chattering sound, but they don’t make these noises for long periods at a time unless they are sick or distressed. Leaving your glider alone and ignored for too long can cause them to make these distress-induced noises, so don’t forget to spend time with them.

As you can see, if you have the time for one, a sugar glider can make a really good pet. If you want one, be sure to look for a licensed breeder to ensure your pet is healthy and has been well-cared for.

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