Can We Have a Dog!?

3 years ago

The four legged fun addition to your family

“Mom! Dad! Can we get a dog?”

The kids have been asking you for ages. You’ve said things like: “We’ll see,” or, “Not just yet,” or: “Who’s going to take care of it?”

And now you’re thinking back to when you were a kid, growing up with a dog at home. A dog who was your best friend and playmate; who slept at the foot of your bed and kept you safe at night.

Then you think of the commitment. Around12-15 years of it, with vet’s visits and the occasional accident around the home.

Then you remember how you rushed home from school and your dog was waiting to greet you with happy barks and licks; how the two of you ran outside to play together.

If you’d like a few good reasons why getting a dog is a great idea, check out these.

Dogs come ready-packed with happiness and laughter

There’s nothing as happy as a happy dog. There’s nothing as wonderfully silly as a happy dog playing a silly game. Dogs bring joy to the family, add laughter and fun.

Dogs are loyal and great friends to have

When a dog joins the family you know you’ve got a friend who will protect you, no matter what. Dogs love unconditionally and uncritically. Children growing up with a dog have a loyal companion and playmate.

Your dog will keep your family active

The kids will enjoy playing with and walking the dog and so will you. Before you know it, you’d have run the pounds off having fun in the dog park, or just fooling around! Way more fun than the gym. Just saying!

The kids will learn responsibility

It’s fun to groom a dog, fun to walk a dog; wonderful to give a dog a bath under a hose on a hot summer day. You’ll have the kids fighting over whose turn it is to fill the dog’s water bowl or give him his dinner.

The love bonus!

It’s fun to cuddle up to on the couch with a dog when you’re all watching TV together. It’s wonderful to wake up to a loving lick on the hand. It lifts your heart when you come home from a long day at work to welcoming barks and a wagging tail. Love is the biggest bonus that a dog brings to your family circle.

Need any more persuading that getting a dog will add more to your family than you can imagine? There are many shelters that are full of dogs looking for loving happy homes. All they ask is for you to accept them as they are more than ready to accept you.

Perhaps it’s time you stopped thinking about it and started talking about which type of dog would best suit your family. Perhaps it’s time you checked out the local dog shelter and brought your latest, happy, beautiful, four-legged family member home.

Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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