You’ll Love This Chocolate!

I love this chocolate!  You will, too!!

I first found Wei of Chocolate at  our local farmer’s market.  After trying samples and buying some, I began to look for them there.  They weren’t always there, though, and eventually  I realized they no longer did the markets. PANIC!!

But I found them online and am again able to enjoy this wonderful chocolate.

So, what makes it so wonderful?  For some context here…I am always on a quest for not only a delicious chocolate but one I can eat and feel like I’m actually enhancing my being and not diminishing it.   With Wei of Chocolate, I don’t have to go into denial, defensiveness or rationalizing to eat it!

Wei of Chocolate is truly a healthy and delicious chocolate.  The cacao is from free-trade countries, organic, non GMO, vegan, dairy-, gluten- and soy- free.  My biggest issue with sweet foods is the sweetener.  Sugar becomes a health problem and I don’t want to replace it with chemical sweeteners.  Wei of Chocolate uses organic coconut blossom sugar which is naturally less  glycemic.  Each piece of chocolate is only 30 calories and has only 2 grams of carbohydrate…and that includes  the coconut sugar!

Wei of Chocolate has 9 scrumptious and unique flavors.  Moreover, each flavor in the Wei of Chocolate collection is infused with hand-collected, flavorless flower essences, selected to work with our energy systems  and promote well-being.

And a little bonus…each piece is individually wrapped helping people like me who have a tad of a problem with portion control when it comes to chocolate.

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