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Up and Coming Tulum, Mexico…Why It’s Worth a Visit

If you’re looking for a unique holiday in the sun check out Tulum. It’s just 90 minutes south of Cancun, a hotspot for people looking for a holiday with a difference.

You can stay in the town. Or choose the Beach Road North or South. These are close to the sea. Beach Road North is more commercial. Beach Road South is quieter and more ecological and holistic.

What can I do in Tulum?

The Tulum Ruins are worth an excursion. These are some of the most popular Mayan ruins on the Mayan Riviera. There are temples and castles dating back to the pre-Colombian Mayan period. It’s not as impressive as Chichen Itza, but the viewsare beautiful.

The Punta Laguna Nature Reserve, less than 40 miles away is another highlight of a trip to Tulum. The reserve has spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and several bird species.  Wander round the nearby Mayan village to get the feel of the indigenous lifestyle complete with thatched huts, or hire a guide to show you round.

The Mayan ruins at the village Cobá 30 miles north of Tulum are also worth a visit since it has authentic Mayan ruins. The main attraction at Cobá is the Grand Pyramid. You can climb the 120 steps to the top the Grand Pyramid and enjoy the view.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve south of Tulum is another must-see. This beautiful reserve has 1.2 million acres of wetlands, reefs, estuaries and cenotes. The reserve has diving, snorkeling and wildlife tours. You can hire a boat tour to the wetlands, or even a tour in a kayak.

Take time to visit the Muyil Archaeological Site set on the western edge of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This is definitely more impressive than the Tulum ruins. The most prominent of these are El Castillo, a 51 ft pyramid, one of the tallest in the Yucatán and the Pink Palace. The Pink Palace still has traces of the original pink stucco used by the Mayans to face the structure. Explore the Sacbé, the winding ancient paved roads and paths that take you through some of the reserve’s most beautiful areas.

If you’d like to pamper yourself check out the Mayan Spa Wellness Centre at the Azulik hotel. You get massages, body wraps and the usual spa treatments. The highlight though is the nighttime temazcal sessions. These are steam baths that the Mexicans believed healed and purified the body.

If yoga is your thing you might also like to check out yoga at Samarra, a beachfront resort that is eco-friendly.

La Eufenia, a waterfront taco joint that serves fish tacos and drinks is a great place to spend a day hanging out by the beach. Mezzanine, a trendy Thai-Mexican fusion restaurant is worth a visit for an evening out. Or sip cocktails at Gitano, a cocktail bar surrounded by jungle. Have a leisurely Mexican breakfast at Zamas, or enjoy burritos at Burrito Amor.

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